General referencing guidelines

Why do we reference?
  • Referencing recognises that the ideas you presented is not your own intellectual property, but the work of others, thus avoidingplagiarism.
  • Any idea that is not your own must be referenced appropriately! Your referencing style depends on the course you are registered for (Always check course outlines or ask the lecturer for this information).
When to reference:
  • When you have used the ideas of others in your work (Whether summarising or paraphrasing or using tables).
  • When you quote the work of the others.
What is in-text referencing?
  • In-text refers to giving recognition to sources used within your paper.
  • You will Reference at the beginning or end of a sentence according to the specific requirements of the style of the referencing used, i.e. Harvard or APA referencing system.
What is a bibliography or reference list?
  • It is a list of all the sources that you used within your paper, this list however appears at the end of your assignment.
  • Again, this should be done according to the specific style of referencing you have used.